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Congratulations to Lean Startup Challenge Class of 2013!

Congrats!  Look forward to seeing all the teams Friday.  Please prepare one slide and a 30-60 intro/pitch to your company.  We will have Alec Stern of Constant Contact as our first speaker, along with plenty of beers and networking to kick off.  Weekly mentors will take part in judging teams ability to practice the lean methodology of quickly iterating, executing and driving your MVP.

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Applications for Lean Startup Challenge 2013

I’m very excited this year to be joining Tina Weber and a great group of people in running 2013′s Lean Startup Challenge. When I first read Eric Ries’s book, I was thrilled to have finally found a method that matched my own madness… by which I mean someone had actually written down the way I have been conducting entrepreneurial marketing for years. I have

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